Thursday, January 7, 2010

Student Presentation Project

Student Presentations:

Each student will be responsible for researching a contemporary book artist via the web. Keep your searches to those artists working within the realm of “Fine Art”. Do not research illustrators, graphic novelists, anime artists and the like. If you are unsure about your artist, talk to me prior to your presentation.

Each student will then give a 10-minute presentation via the web to the class on their particular artist. Give us some biographical information, and discuss why you selected them, what you find interesting about them. What their work is about (artist statement). You may read what other critics have to say and so on. If you cannot find biographical information or info on what their work is about, then you will have to select someone who you are able to gather this information on. You may also think about calling or emailing them to gather this info.On your presentation day, bring the website address information to class so you can find it easily.Students will be presenting on Wednesday, April 13th & Monday, April 18th.

List of Students and their selected artists. You cannot choose someone who is already listed below.

Wednesday, April 13:

Robert LePiane: Sa Blackwell

Lauren Partridge: Jody Alexander

Florence Bingham: Oring

Monday, April 18:

Anna Larsen: Sarah Bodman

Sarah Magar: Georgia Russell

Molly Crawford: Will Ashford

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