Thursday, January 7, 2010


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In his words: "In my current book series, the metaphors of the Book, the Fish, and the Bottle are essential ingredients. I see the book, and paper specifically, as embodiment of civilization and the ability to hold and share experiences and memories like human skin. The book represents the communication that takes place when the individual makes their inner world accessible to other. The bottle represents the vessel of the body, and fish are the chaotic yet graceful movement of my emotion and rational thoughts and memories. As a troubled child I preferred to play with small glass bottles, rather than dolls whose humanness made me uncomfortable, and I used to fill the bottles with colorful water, and imagined them as containers for my own good feeling. Our emotional reactions to events and memories are always changing and moving like fish, and the fish are both an agonizing and a cathartic allegory for the possibility of change from the past to the present. These possibilities allow me to explore the concept of the creating memories in present with the viewer moves along with figure of human feet in the series of “We are”. I want to put our own selves into our absolute space to make a dialog among people. I want to create a movement of introspection and self-inquiry where the viewer becomes the subject of the piece. If we dare to show ourselves in all our raw glory, really express what’s going on in the chaos and the shadows then we have a chance to connect to something real in our time. We can accept ourselves with bare feet."

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