Books on Technique

Japanese Bookbinding
Kojiro Ikegami
ISBN  0-8348-0196-5
1-2-&3 Section Sewings
Keith Smith
ISBN  0-9637682-2-0
Non-Adhesive Binding
Keith Smith
ISBN  0-927159-06-6
Book-binding for Book Artists
Keith Smith and Fred Jordan
ISBN 0-9637682-5-5
Smiths Sewing Single Sheets
Keith Smith
ISBN 0-9637682-8-X
Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking
Holly Harrison
ISBN 1-56496-995-9
Altered Books Workshop
Bev Brazelton
ISBN 1-58180-535-7
Creating Artists’ Books
Sarah Bodman
ISBN  0-8230-1012-0
Basic Bookbinding
A.W. Lewis
ISBN  0-486-20169-4
The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding
Arthur W. Johnson
ISBN  0-500-68011-6
Unique Handmade Books
Alisa Golden
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN  1-4027-0614-6
Woven and Interlocking Book Structures
Claire Van Vliet and Elizabeth Steiner
ISBN  0-9620640-4-1
The Penland Book of Handmade Books
Lark Books
ISBN 1-57990-474-2
Cover To Cover
Shereen LaPlantz
Lark Books
ISBN 0-937274-87-9
The Art and Craft of Handmade Books
Shereen LaPlantz
Lark Books
ISBN 1-57990-180-8

Books on History/theory

A Century of Artists Books
Riva Castleman
Museum of Modern Art
ISBN  0-87070-152-5
A Century of Artists’ Books
Johanna Drucker
ISBN  1-887123-69-5
Artists’ Books: A Critical Anthology and Soucebook
Joan Lyons
Peregrine Smith Books
ISBN  0-87905-280-5
Bookbinding; Its Background and Technique
Edith Diehl

ISBN  0-486-24020-7
Text in the Book Format
Keith Smith

Structure of the Visual Book
Keith Smtih